Isabel Corral

My work is a permanent exploration, a continuous search for the transformation of matter, of its possibilities; an expression of shape, movement and texture. My pieces are in constant dialogue between the figurative and the abstract, specifics walk hand in hand with mysticism, and intuition is technique´s best friend.

I´m always looking for new languages that can express an inner vision, a reinterpretation of ancient history. It´s important for me to remain anchored to memories, to keep them alive and from there to sow new stories.


Maite Corral Mijares

Graphic Designer
Born in Mexico City in 1962

My whole adult life has been influenced by art and I’ve always been attracted to all it’s forms of expression. After my degree in Graphic and Textile Design in 1989 at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico, my professional development has been related to creative process throughout different jobs like: Fashion Design, Graphic Design, as Consultant for design proyects for small business in Nacional Financiera (Development Banking Institution in Mexico), and as General Coordinator in the most prestigious design bureau's Association in Mexico: Quorum, Consejo de Disenadores de Mexico.

Perhaps one of the first artistic expression of human beings is modeling clay, but it's origins does not consist in reflection but in curiosity and experimentation.

More than fourteen years ago by curiosity I discoverd clay, I learned the art and at times I think I have a good command on it, but at others I get disappointed and frustrated with the results. But that is art all about, a continuous dialogue between clay and myself to work as a team along with time, air, water and fire, to achieve a fine piece. Mexico is a country that evokes a cultural richness and delivers a desire for discovery and adventure. A country where the ceramic is revealed in its most diverse aspects of technical heritage to new thinking on design and shapes.

In 2010 I co-founded Tres Tierras Studio with my sister and partner Isabel Corral, to create an environment for creative expression and art developement. We have our own studio and gallery where continuosly I exhibit my work.